Dayus Square, Jewellery Quarter - A Birmingham Gem!

Dayus Square is located in the Jewellery Quarter. Originally called Albion Square. It was redeveloped in 2012 and named after local author Kathleen Dayus (1903 - 2003).

Dayus Square is located at the junctions of Albion Street, Carver Street and Legge Lane in the Jewellery Quarter.

Dayus Square. Photography by Elliott Brown.

Located here is The Old Fire Station Children's Nursery and The Pig & Tail pub (formerly The George & the Dragon).

The Old Fire Station Children's Nursery. Photography by Elliott Brown.

The Pig & Tail pub. Photography by Elliott Brown.

In 2012 Albion Square was developed and renamed after the late local author Kathleen Dayus (born in 1903 and died in 2003). There is a memorial sculpture with a passage from one of her books. It was sculpted by Peter Walker. Dayus Square opened in Spring 2012 after it was developed from 2011 onwards.

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